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HD 8X Clip On Optical Zoom Telescope Camera Lens

HD 8X Clip On Optical Zoom Telescope Camera Lens

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The 8X Lens can expand the field of view and capture more of what is in your peripheral vision without distortion; get the whole family; team; buildings and landscape. And this removable clip-on camera lens can also be used as a standalone telescopic lens to help you view distant objects; sceneries; games and concerts more clearly.


- Color: Black.
- Material: ABS.
- Size: About 7 * 3 * 3 cm/ 2.8 * 1.18 * 1.18 inch(L*W*H).
- Magnification: 8X.
- Novel optical design; ultra-long vision; high resolution and good color.
- Make your short-sighted camera/phone into a Telephoto.
- Manually adjust the flexible telephoto lens; increase the distance of the camera to take pictures; helps you take HD pictures of the far scenery when you are camping; hiking; fishing; etc.
- With a clip for easy use; you can adjust it to the best position for the phone.

Product Weight(g): 50.

PackageWeight(g): 50.

Package Size(mm): 1*1*1.

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